Selenite Home Bundle

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Are you ready to welcome the magick of Selenite into your home?

This bundle has 4 towers of Selenite to cleanse, protect and welcome in calmness and clarity.

A Selenite Lamp is a powerful cleansing tool to have in your home, office and sacred space, as it will constantly cleanse, clear and protect the energy of your environment.

The warm white glow of Selenite will clear and restore your sacred home.

Each tower varies in shape as no two crystals are the same. 

Each piece of Selenite tower you receive is hand carved in Morocco and delivered straight to M&B.

What's included?

1x 20cm Selenite lamp (inc cord and lightbulb)

1x 15cm Selenite Tower

1x 10cm Selenite Tower

1x 5cm Selenite Tower 

General Lamp Safety.


Please do not turn on your lamp until the bulb is inside of the Selenite and sitting flush.

Keep away from wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.